definition: having every necessary or normal part or component or step
example: A complete meal should contain protein, carbohydrates, and fibre.
speech part: adjective
definition: having come or been brought to a conclusion
example: The harvesting complete, the farmer took a long rest.
speech part: adjective
synonyms: all over
definition: perfect in every respect
example: You were the complete host – thank you for having us over!
speech part: adjective
synonyms: consummate
definition: highly skilled
example: I am a complete painter, with work in many galleries.
speech part: adjective
synonyms: accomplished
definition: to bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements
example: A child would complete the family.
speech part: verb
definition: to come or bring to a finish or an end
example: A round of espresso completed the meal.
speech part: verb
synonyms: finish
definition: to write all the required information onto a form
example: I completed the form rather quickly.
speech part: verb
synonyms: fill out make out fill in
definition: to complete a pass in sports
example: I completed over half of my throws, for a total of 50 yards.
speech part: verb
synonyms: nail
definition: to complete or carry out
example: I completed the order immediately.
speech part: verb
synonyms: dispatch
definition: without qualification
example: It was complete blackness outside.
speech part: adjective
synonyms: stark

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